600 ponies and daily driven…

Luke’s E36 M3 x Turbo (teaser) from Mike Maravilla on Vimeo.

600 whp on pump and daily driven…




E36 M3 Receives a Transplant.

This E36 M3 is updated to the newer S54 motor found in the E46 M3’s. With the newer inline 6 power plant, a standalone, and a CSL intake box, 326 horsepower to the wheels comes easy to this naturally aspirated ultimate driving machine.

Pictures Courtesy of Respected Photographer

Track Monster

A Serious Track Monster. This twin TD05 16G 3000GT can surprise many on the road course as it has all the capable handling modifications as well as power upgrades pushing this beast to 500+ AWHP.

Photos are courtesy of its respected owners

Stock Turbo’d 3000GT/Stealths = Slow???

Who said stock turbos were slow? This Dodge Stealth is something you do not want to underestimate just because it has a stock block, stock heads, and stock cams. With 379 horsepower to the wheels may not seem much but combine it with 480 foot pounds of torque along with one thousand pounds cut off it’s full weight in which that puts this Stealth at a race weight of less than 2900 pounds. So how fast is this Stealth? 12’s, 11’s, or 10’s?

Pictures and Videos Courtesy of Street Tuned Motorsports Inc.

Clean VR4

Clean says it all. This ’92 VR4 has no aggressive kit but cleanly done with a stock ’99 front end and tastefully modded as a true street car. Although this 3800lbs car’s turbos are powered by td04 baby turbos, this car is still a force to be reckoned with. These sleeper turbos have been upgraded to DR-650’s, cooled by a custom dual core front mount, where the gases are expelled through a custom HKS 4″ Carbon Ti Catback which transfers the 450+ all wheel horsepower to the ground with VOLK TE37s. This car will easily hit 11’s in the quarter mile and  the StopTech Big Brake Kit has no problem stopping 125+mph trap speeds.

Thanking Joe Ascoli for sending me pictures of his ride.

The Rebirth…

Almost there… I cannot wait!


the car is NOT complete yet, just fired it up to check vitals. currently running an open 3″ downpipe.

Joining the Club

my name is Ross and I’ve decided to start a wordpress since many people I know have one. Yes, I’ve  joined the bandwagon. I have another blog my tumblr which I will be linking to wordpress so be sure to check it out by clicking here. Every time I update my tumblr, I’ll be sure to let viewers know I have updated it so you can get the scoop on the weird and interesting people I encounter on the other side of the bar.

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